Beeswax Lantern Candles

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12 hours each of 100% pure beeswax-generated light! These should only be burned in candle lanterns or snug-fitting holders! They are about 3.5" Tall x 1.25" wide.

Some of what sets us apart:

  • 100% pure USA beeswax
  • 100% cotton wick (lead-free and non-toxic)
  • Unscented (contains an all-natural light honey scent)
  • Handmade sustainably in Harrisonburg, Virginia, earth-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Naturally purifies the air with negative ions as it burns
  • Every purchase supports humanitarian work at home and abroad
  • Support beekeepers and candlemakers and help save the bees!

Candle care is important!

These 100% pure beeswax church candles were designed to fit a lantern or chandelier. They will last around 12 hours each and remain virtually smokeless and dripless if you follow the following: Only burn inside a secure candle lantern or holder. Burn away from a strong breeze. Always burn in a holder, on fireproof surfaces and away from children, drafts, and anything flammable. NEVER leave candles unattended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark Merritt
Superb Candles!

I’m a historical reenactor and of course we use either oil or candles for light at night. For years I’ve put up with inferior white store bought candles for my lanterns but, they burn out quickly and leave a large puddle of wax that needs to be cut out. And previous beeswax candles I’ve purchased from other vendors burn even faster, in my experience.

But, I found these a few months ago and I find them to work as advertised. They last anywhere from 10-14 hours, in my experience, which included about 9 nights so far this year (2024). What little puddle is created is easily cleaned up. I can’t recommend these candles enough, and, they have a wonderful subtle beeswax odor when burning. You can’t beat that!

Sirius Brass
Better than the original!

Long-time user of a certain other brand of collapsible brass candle lanterns for backpacking and camping here. The original manufacturer's beeswax candles have generally deteriorated in quality over the last decade, with off-center wicks and other artifacts of poor molding. Even the Texas-made ones suffer from too many defects, and they have become so expensive that you might as well use dollar bills as the wick.

Enter BeeTheLight lantern candles! They're very obviously authentic beeswax, the wicks are centered, and they burn long and cleanly, with an occasional wick trim to remove the carbon shroom. The beeswax scent is much more prominent than the originals. And, BTL candles are slightly narrower than the OEM candles, so the stubs come out easily and cleanly (and can be finished in a tea light shell, so no waste!), but with no pooling in the base of the lantern.

Thank you, BTL, for providing us a quality and high-value alternative to OEM lantern candles!

William Callahan

Wonderful to do business with a conscientious organization that produces an excellent product. My thanks to all involved there and keep up the good work!

Clean burning for lanterns

These are good options for candle lanterns if you want to burn clean wax at an affordable price. They fit UCO lanterns. As described there's no factory finish but they still fit fine.

With the exception of the outer USPS wrap, 90% of it is in someway a renewable material including the paper packaging.