Pure and wonderful Cold Process and Castile Soap bars made from 100% certified Fair Trade and Organic oils! Our Cold Process and Castile soaps are handmade with the highest quality ingredients we could lay our hands on!

Liquid Castile Soap

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  • The only Castile soap we are aware of made from 100% fair trade, organic and sustainably produced oils ~ Fair trade matters!
  • Earth-friendly ~ Vegan ~ No animal testing ~ Non GMO ~ No destructive palm oils* ~ Thick, creamy lather: a small amount is mild and gentle on the skin! But this is still powerful, all-natural Castile soap: so remember, a little goes a long way! Dilute and do not over-wash and dry out your skin!
  • Biodegradable ~ No detergents ~ No artificial ingredients
  • Made by hand in small batches locally, in Harrisonburg, VA. USA
  • With every purchase, you become a part of BeeTheLight, helping to support our little community, as well as a number of humanitarian projects

We pulled out all the stops on this one. Pure, handmade, vegan, Castile soap of the highest possible quality. This soap is not made in a factory somewhere - this stuff is wonderfully handcrafted and poured in small batches by our tiny USA-based business. We believe in knowing where our products come from and understanding the supply chain that connects us to them. BeeTheLight Castile soaps are made from 100% fair trade and organic oils. As far as we can tell, this is currently the only Castile soap on the market that uses exclusively fairly traded oils. Historically, true Castile soap such as ours would have countless uses in the home – everything from body wash to dish soap to the all-purpose home cleaning solution. Our soaps are also wonderful as a hand soap, face wash or shaving soap! It is truly for any and all purposes!

* If you are concerned about the production of palm oil, we are glad! So are we! We only ever use Palm Done Right, which is certified sustainably grown and never damaging to rainforests or animal habitats

Ingredients: Water, certified fair trade organic and sustainable oils (palm, coconut), potassium hydroxide (none remains after saponification), (if scented, peppermint or lavender or orange essential oil)

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