Naturally purify the air and light up the dark with these 100% pure beeswax candles! Handcrafted with care and made from 100% pure beeswax, our all natural beeswax candles not only create a warm ambiance but also cleanse the air with negative ions.

Beeswax Tea Light Candles

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100% Pure USA Beeswax Tea Lights! 1.5″ D x 0.5″ H. These will last up to 4 hours each IF all the instructions are followed! These candles are hand-poured sustainably in Harrisonburg, Virginia with 100% Pure USA Beeswax!

  • 100% Cotton Wick (Lead-Free and Non-Toxic)
  • The 24 Pack is Packaged in 100% Recycled Packaging! 
  • The 48 Pack Comes in a Beautiful BeeTheLight logo gift box!
  • Handmade, Unscented, Eco Friendly, Hypoallergenic and Purifies the Air as it Burns.
  • Please Note: Real beeswax varies in color from batch to batch.

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